Hi Anteaters!

We hope you had a wonderful winter break and are enjoying the start of your year. ASUCI wants to share the budget that the elected Executives created at the end of last spring quarter which was approved by Legislative Council. After our ASUCI Tell-All Forum during Week 10 of Fall Quarter it was asked to put up our budget to be as transparent as we claim to be. This budget reflects the entirety of the ASUCI budget for all branches of ASUCI and all services provided. It also includes the Student Government Professional Staff budget.

2013- 2014 Budget:https://asuci.uci.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Budget20132014.pdf 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of us about the allocations that were made. Also please join us in Legislative Council on Thursday of Week 2 on January 16th from 5pm-7pm, when budget presentations by the Executives are made to Legislative Council to show all the expenses that were made up to this date. If you cannot make this date and time, be sure to look out for our next budget presentations during Week 8. Legislative Council meets every Tuesday and Thursday in Moss Cove A from 5pm-7pm.

Thank you,

Tony Tizcareño – Vice President of Adminsitrative Affairs

If you have questions for any of the other ASUCI Executives please feel free to email them also:

President – Nicole Hisatomi – president@asuci.uci.edu
Executive Vice President – Melissa Gamble – executivevp@asuci.uci.edu
Academic Affairs Vice President – Skyla Zhang – academicvp@asuci.uci.edu
Student Services Vice President – Dominique Doan – servicesvp@asuci.uci.edu