Hello Anteaters!

On the Wednesday of Week 1, Oct. 8nd, ASUCI will be hosting ArtLab from 6-9pm on the Student Center Terrace. Our theme will be “OvercomingΒ the Odds.”
For those who are unfamiliar, ArtLab is a space for everyone on campus to express themselves while showcasing their art and or talents. ASUCI asks for you to be a part of this event by either by attending, submitting an art piece, or performing.

We will accept all kinds of art — photography, paintings, sculptures, musical talents, spoken word, etc.
We will be accepting artwork Monday and Wednesday from 12-2 of Welcome Week (Week 0) in the ASUCI room!

The ASUCI room is located next to the Student Center Terrace and across from the Student Center ATMs.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email artlab@asuci.uci.edu.

We hope everyone’s summer is going well.
Thank you,

The Art Lab Commission