I hope everyone’s summer has been going well. ASUCI has been hard at work these past few months planning Welcome Week for you all and I would like to announce our soft launch for Welcome Week 2014! There are a lot of events for everyone to get involved like the Anteater Involvement Fair, Late Night at the ARC, the WORLD RECORD EVENT, and many more! (see the flyer for more) Full details for these events will released as the events themselves are finalized, but we just wanted to give you all a heads up as to what we have done so far. I am looking forward to see you all there once again! *Welcome Week poster subject to change until final details released.

Welcome Week Poster comp5


ASUCI is now accepting applications to perform during Welcome Week! Opportunities to perform include during Anteater Involvement Fair, the World Record event, and during Aldrich Park After Dark. The links can be found below.

Anteater Involvement Fair: https://asuci.uci.edu/applications/?id=281

World Record: https://asuci.uci.edu/applications/?id=282

Aldrich Park After Dark: https://asuci.uci.edu/applications/?id=283

Application links can also be found with their respective events at the Welcome Week 2014 website.


Good luck to everyone applying and get excited!


Joshua Nguyen