Hello folks!

As you saw the rest of ASUCI Executive Offices got to share what they were up to during th
e summer! So we also wanted to share what we’ve been working on.

First, our incredible team worked with the United States Student Association to host the 67th Annual National Student Congress here at UC
Irvine. More than 200 students from across the country gathered at UC Irvine to discuss issues concerning them on their campuses, and set the national student agenda regarding advocacy. We were lucky enough to have a delegation of over thirty students who dedicated six days to learning, empowering themselves and bringing back what they learned from others to help students on campus here.

Second, our organizing team has been working on the 60 by 16 voter registration effort, which would register 60% of UC Irvine students by 2016. If you want to get involved, please feel free to email me at or register to vote online here. Registering students to vote is incredibly important. As the demographics of Orange County change, and UC Irvine gains new prominence by entering its 50th year, we as students are charged with active participation in our democracy. These forms of participation can come through voting, but also from protest, direct action, and grassroots organizing.

Our EVP team has also been working on various grassroots campaigns to better the educational experience of students on this campus. We have been meeting with Mental Health Services providers on campus with the ASUCI Admin Affairs office to understand the dynamics of care for students, and we will continue working with them to expand care to students. We are in the midst of planning eight other campaigns for this year!

In between all of this work, members of our office have also been to Oakland to attend the University of California Student Association board meeting. We will be in Berkeley on September 6-7 for the next UCSA meeting, as well.

Thank you all for your time!

Sanaa Khan

Executive Vice President