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Dear Student,

What would you fund: Grants for low-income students or private student loan companies?

Right now, Congress is debating that very proposal. Senators are pushing forth a deal that would cut up to $2 billion (YES, TWO BILLION DOLLARS) in Pell Grant funding and instead put money toward other government programs, including increasing the revenue of some of the nation’s largest student loan servicers to the tune of more than $300 million.

Your voice is needed to stop this dangerous proposal. Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee could make their decision at any point this weekWrite to the committee members NOW to demand that they protect Pell Grant funding.

As student debt has surpassed $1 trillion, wages remain stagnant, and youth unemployment is stubbornly high, cuts to Pell Grant funding couldn’t come at a worse time. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office predicts a shortfall in Pell Grant funding in the next two years. Congress should be investing in higher education by funding the Pell Grant, not by taking away funds meant for low-income students to spend even more money on profiteering student loan service companies.

Tell Congress to prioritize students, not servicers – send your email TODAY.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: Any cuts to the Pell Grant budget may hurt students for years to come. The Pell Grant program is the nation’s largest source of grant aid for college students and is meant for students from low- and middle-income households. Nearly 8.9 million students are expected to receive aid from the program during the 2015–2016 school year, with the neediest students receiving a maximum of $5,830.

Congress needs to know we’re paying attention and understand the gravity of any cuts to the Pell Grant program.  Join us in calling on Congress to defend the Pell Grant.


Alexandra Flores-Quilty
Vice President, US Student Association

Provided by: EVP Organizing Branch