The Legislative Council internship program is an intensive year-long commitment with the purpose of providing a platform for engagement on council legislation, projects, programs, and events. Interns will work closely with Legislative Council members to: help process constituent requests, support and research legislative initiatives, attend hearings and briefings, represent Legislative Council in spaces on campus, outreach to the undergraduate body on the behalf of ASUCI, and aide in requests provided by the Council. The internship demands flexible, responsible, and well-rounded individuals willing to engage a diverse platform of duties. Tasks range from writing, speaking to groups, independent research, organizational outreach, to attending ASUCI spaces.

Interns will:
– Get a better understanding of Legislative Council and ASUCI as a whole
– Learn the operations of ASUCI and how to navigate it
– Develop public speaking, management and leadership skills
– Gain knowledge on program/event management and planning, community outreach and campaign organizing
– Become better equipped student leaders on campus