Associated Students UCI (ASUCI)Associated Students UCI (ASUCI)
Good Afternoon ‘Eaters,

We have an update with regards to the financial aid packages. If you have NOT received an email from OFAS and you still don’t have your financial aid package, you need to go to the financial aid office and speak to a representative as soon as you can. Deadlines for the payments are tomorrow, September 15, at 5 pm. Unless you have been emailed by financial aid office, you need to check with OFAS to make sure your classes are not getting dropped after the deadline. Please be cautious that the lines at the office are very long and may be even longer tomorrow. So give yourself enough time to be there, with the expectation that it could take a while in the lines. If you are currently not in the state or within the reach of coming to the office of financial aid and scholarships, you may email me directly at and explain your situation, alongside your ID number. I will be in communication with the OFAS to address your questions as well. Please note that emailing to me will not count as a substitute for OFAS and you are still required to reach out to OFAS as well. Please only email me if you are not in the state or within the reach of coming to OFAS.

Parshan Khosravi
ASUCI President