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Apply to be in the Office of Student Services! Check out the applications for each of our commissions below:


Love sports? Would you consider yourself ULTRA-spirited? Well Athletics is for you! Athletics commission works alongside UCI Athletics to enhance the student experience at UCI Athletic events through rallies, giveaways, and more! Also, they are in charge of the Defend the Bren Series, designed to give UCI Athletics the best home field advantage possible! Apply today!


Business Relations:

Interested in business? Do you want to know how to talk to companies? Well Business Relations is for you! Business Relations commission works with companies and other organizations to obtain sponsorships for Student Services events! These sponsorships range from free giveaways, monetary sponsorship, and more! Apply today!


Campus Outreach:

Do you love UCI? Would you say you are the most spirited person out of all your friends? Well Campus Outreach is for you! The Campus Outreach commission coordinates a variety of events including UCI Spirit Day, Homecoming, and the Celebrate UCI Festival! In addition, Campus Outreach works with campus organizations to connect them to resources and more! Apply today!



Do you love music? Do you want work with a variety of music agencies? Well Concerts is for you! Concerts commission works with talent agencies to provide the best possible concerts here at UCI! UCI Concerts include Aldrich Park After Dark, Shocktoberfest, and Summerlands! Apply today!



Do you love movies? Are you interested with movie distributors? Well Films is for you! Films commission works alongside movie distributors to put on screenings for UCI students! These screenings include advanced movie screenings; past advanced screenings include The Interview, Neighbors, the Avengers, and more! Apply today!



Do you have an admiration of the arts? Would you consider yourself talented? Well Soulstice is for you! Soulstice commission coordinates UCI’s largest talent competition, Soulstice! Components of the show include Dance, Accapella, Band, Solo, and the Soulstice League, a group of UCI’s funniest individuals! In addition, the Soulstice planning committee coordinates the logistics of the show ranging from talent selection, stage dynamics, marketing, and more! Apply to be a part of Soulstice committee today!