Are you interested in being a leader?
How about making a change on campus?
Or strengthening your leadership, networking, and professional skills?

Well then, Visions Leadership is the choice for YOU! Visions Leadership is a 1.3 unit class held every Wednesday from 4:00- 5:20 pm. We aim to act as a resource for students who want to further develop their leadership skills, expand their professionalism in order to exercise their full potential as leaders on campus.
In addition, Visionary students are paired with a Visions Leader to enhance their personal and professional growth. Students will be working with a team to advocate and exercise the skills they’ve learned in the course through an Advocacy Project. All years are welcome to apply and there are no major restrictions.

What are you waiting for? Be the leader you enVision!
Deadline to apply is Friday, November 4th, by 5:00pm.

APPLY HERE: https://asuci.uci.edu/applications/?id=450
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at visions@asuci.uci.edu