The United States Student Association’s second annual Student Power Summit is a response to new challenges and opportunities in the student movement. We will be traveling to Washington DC, on the evening of March 30th, and returning on April 3rd. UCI delegation will leave campus late afternoon on Thursday (the 30th) to fly out to DC and will return late on Monday (the 3rd). This summit will take place during spring break, so please make sure you are able to attend before submitting an application. This conference will require students to be present every day, become invested, and be engaged as a representative of the Anteater community. There will be issue-based workshops to learn about current issues affecting students, strategy sessions to collectively discuss, develop, and prioritize issues, and skill-building exercises on advocacy, direct action organizing and leadership skills. We will have delegation meetings prior to attending the summit to prepare and strategize for effective lobbying. Applications are due by February 5th at midnight. (All fees for the conference are paid for by ASUCI).


If you have any further questions about the application process or what to expect, please email us at or