On January 24th, from 4:00 – 6:30pm at the Cross-Cultural Center, ASUCI’s Art Lab Commission will be holding an active exhibition that will be centered around empowering women through art! Come look through art, listen to speakers, watch performances, have relative discussions of the empowerment of women in the Dr. White Room!

Now what does “empowering women through art” mean exactly? Well that’s up to you! Whether you are a female artist hoping to celebrate your own form of art, or are somewhere else on the gender spectrum looking to celebrate your fellow females, we want YOU to help define empowerment by submitting your own art work!

Submit your artwork through this form here: Art Submission Form

*If you are looking to submit multiple pieces you must fill out a form per piece.

*All art must be submitted physically, and must be dropped off at the ASUCI office located at the Student Center before January 23rd 5:00PM in room G244 Student Center, next to the student terrace. To view a map for directions, please visit: http://www.studentcenter.uci.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Directory-letter.pdf.

*We cannot accept art via e-mail or virtual submission except under special conditions depending on the piece.

NOTE: If you are looking to do performance art (singing, spoken word, dance, etc.) please refer to the submission form for performance art!

If you are looking to contact us, please email artlab@asuci.uci.edu.