The Campus Climate Commission under the ASUCI Office of the President 2016-2017 has developed a report on UCI’s compliance with the UC Policy on Gender Inclusive Facilities. This report, which includes action items suggested for the university, is the result of one of the goals developed during the UC Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference, which was hosted by our office and AGS, this year.

Attached is a review of all of the main components of the policy, UCI’s progress on these components, and a full list of the facilities that do not abide by the policy, including those who do not have signs in the most efficient locations. Below is a brief summary of our report:

Concerns with Compliant Buildings:

While there were many buildings that were compliant, there are some improvements that can be made to make Gender Inclusive facilities more accessible and normalized. All entrance doors should have signs indicating where the nearest Gender Inclusive facility is available so as to allow more visibility of available resources. Additionally, all buildings that have Gender Inclusive facilities should indicate this on a sign outside their door, so patrons are aware of available resources.

Action Items:

  • Convert all remaining single-stall facilities into Gender Inclusive facilities
  • Ensure that a person is never more than 2 minutes of pedestrian travel time from a Gender Inclusive facility
  • Include signs on all door entrances indicating where the nearest Gender Inclusive facilities are located rather than one set of doors
  • Implement signs that alert students that Gender Inclusive facilities are available inside particular buildings


Many buildings at UCI are compliant, but numerous buildings are not. This is particularly apparent in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts and in main administration buildings such as Aldrich Hall, the Student Center, Student Services II and the libraries. To become compliant all buildings must include Gender Inclusive facilities signs. To improve awareness, all buildings with Gender Inclusive facilities should have a sign to indicate that such a facility is available inside. In addition, Gender Inclusive facilities should appear on main entrances so students are aware of the resources provided on campus.

Click to view the full report here: UC-Wide Policy on Gender Inclusive Facilities Report – ASUCI 2017.


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