Hello Anteaters!

Love thrifting? πŸ‘• Have any unwanted clothes? πŸ‘š Want to learn more about fast fashion?πŸ‘–

Love thrifting? Have any unwanted clothes? Want to learn more about fast fashion? If you answered β€œyes” to any of those questions then Zot n Clothes is perfect for you!! ASUCI Sustainability Project Commission is accepting clothing donations from now until December 2nd! Drop off your clothes from now until December 2nd at the Cross-Cultural Center, Gateway Study Lounge, The Anteatery, Brandywine, Arroyo Vista, the RISE Suite – Sustainability Resource Center, or the ASUCI Office! Clean, repairable garments only. Shoes, accessories, undergarments, and non-repairable items will not be accepted. With all of the clothes we receive, we can’t wait to bring back Zot N Clothes, our annual thrift pop-up event, this Spring🌱!

Join us to learn about fast fashion and find some unique pieces! For any questions or concerns, please email sustainabilityproject@asuci.uci.edu. Hope to see all of your donations and see y’all at the event! 🌎