Happy Week 3! ASUCI Visions Leadership has opened our Mentee Application for our 2024 Class! πŸ“’ ALL YEARS are welcome to apply and there are NO MAJOR RESTRICTIONS. If you want to make an impact on our campus, this is your sign! 🚦

Application Link: tinyurl.com/VisionsMenteeApps23

Deadline: Friday, November 5th by 11:59pm.

Visions Leadership is a two-quarter (Winter 2024/Spring 2024) 1.3 units P/NP leadership and professional development mentorship initiative designed to empower students to plan and execute advocacy projects aimed at enriching the student experience on campus. Over the course of this two-quarter program, participants engage in a weekly class that features a diverse array of guest speakers and immersive workshops led by both professionals and fellow students honing skills such as effective communication, presentation techniques, public speaking, and conflict resolution. Throughout the program’s duration, students receive guidance and opportunities for personal growth through mentorship within small interpersonal groups.

We’re excited to see your application! πŸ’œ