Mission and History

“The ASUCI Office of Academic Affairs provides resources, services, and programs designed to support and enrich the academic well-being of UCI students. The goal of all of our events and programs is to guide, inspire, and empower the students of UCI to find their passions and take ownership of their academic and leadership careers.”

The Office of Academic Affairs is comprised of the Academic Affairs Vice President, the Chiefs of Staff, and the six different commissions. The six different commissions all serve different purposes, but all work towards the our shared goals.

The Academic Affairs Vice President manages the six different commissions of the Office of Academic Affairs and the relationship between the UCI undergraduate population and the UCI Academic Senate and campus faculty. By meeting with campus faculty and other officials involved with academic initiatives, the Academic Affairs Vice President works to provide the proper resources and services for the undergraduate student body to succeed academically. In addition, the Academic Affairs Vice President is responsible for various ASUCI projects in collaboration with the other ASUCI Executives and any other responsibilities and operations outlined by the ASUCI Constitution and By-Laws.

Meet Your Executive

Chiefs of Staff

➥ Build a community at UCI and create a safe space for students to truly explore their future careers, especially in a remote setting
➥ Bolster the academic resources that we are able to provide because of the financial repercussions caused by COVID-19
➥ Foster more interoffice collaboration between offices in ASUCI and campus departments
➥ Advocate for the needs of the students to campus administration and the Academic Senate

Feel free to contact us any time and any day with any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions. We are here to represent you, and we are here for you!

Academic Affairs Vice President: Zachary R. Griggy (

  • Office Hours: Tuesdays, 1:00 – 2:00 pm; Wednesday, 12:00 – 1:00 pm. In-person at the ASUCI Office or via Zoom at

Chiefs of Staff: Dorothy Nguyen and Tazmeen Rashid (