The Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President (AAVP) aims to provide students with academic support in various types of programming like meeting with Academic Senate, bridging the gap between professors and students, inviting educational speakers, spreading awareness of campus resources, highlighting higher education, and hosting a mentorship program for first-generation first-year students. As an office, we hope to genuinely enrich the academic experience and support the career choices of undergraduate students at UCI.

Under Article VII, Section 2.e. of the ASUCI Constitution, the Academic Affairs Vice President:

  1. Strives to cultivate student leadership by raising awareness about the diverse and dynamic academic opportunities on campus, providing avenues of learning outside the classroom, and empowering students to be advocates of the academic life here at UC Irvine
  2. Represents the Associated Students on those matters relating to the educational quality at UCI
  3. Serves as the ASUCI representative to the Academic Senate
  4. Creates and oversees a commission of Academic Senate representatives, subject to appointment and removal of representatives by the Joint Committee on Student Representatives
  5. Consults with the Academic Senate officers regarding the appointment of student representatives to the Academic Senate Committees
  6. Develops and maintains ASUCI programs relating to the academic enrichment for the undergraduate student body

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