Ants in Your Plants Garden

Welcome to the official page for the Ants in Your Plants Garden!

The Ants in Your Plants Garden is an all-student led, student funded, and student run garden located within Arroyo Vista Housing. We are a group of dedicated students who love being outdoors and seeing the wonderful plants and organisms that thrive in the garden! The garden is open to all UCI students.

The garden has a greenhouse, orchard, and over 40 raised beds. We take an organic approach to the way we grow, which means that we don’t use any commercial pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals. We are a certified Food Production Site as of 2019. You are entitled to keep whatever you help grow, and whatever you don’t keep or give to your friends is donated to our school’s food pantry. So not only are we growing organically and sustainably– but to increase food accessibility as well!

Arroyo Vista Housing, the Sustainability Resource Center (SRC), and the Basic Needs Center work alongside UCI students to make garden magic happen.

Our mission is to introduce to the UCI community the benefits of sustainability in a simple and fulfilling manner. 

Our Goals:

1) Welcome students to participate in or discuss projects/events around sustainability, food, and growing plants.

2) Collaborate with clubs, organizations, and commissions to promote sustainability, gardening knowledge, and food resiliency.

3) Donate fresh produce to Basic Needs Center’s Food Pantry.

Volunteer with us! Follow these easy steps below:

  1. Join the Ants In Your Plants Garden Campus Groups! You’ll find everything about the garden there. 
  2. Complete volunteer training. This is super quick and you don’t need prior gardening experience! On our CampusGroups page, find “Surveys & Forms” then tap/click on “AIYP Volunteer Application Quiz.” Watch the brief training video. After watching the video, complete the simple quiz after. This is protocol in accordance with our Garden to Pantry Policy. 
  3. Register for a Garden Volunteer Hour. This lets us know that you’re coming and that you are ready to get some ants in your plants!

Show up! We are located in the heart of Arroyo Vista, just across the lawn. Once you find us, the hosting Garden Lead will introduce the garden to you to get started.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns about the garden. We are always here to help you!


Instagram: @gardeningwithuci

Below are templates you may use when contacting us:

“My name is [YOUR NAME] and I would love to join you at the Ants In Your Plants garden in Arroyo Vista. Where can I start?”

“My name is [YOUR NAME] and I have completed the Volunteer Form and passed the quiz. I’m ready to sign up for a volunteer shift!”



Seed Library

Coming Soon!

Hope to see you at the garden!