Our staff is primarily responsible for conducting lobby visits with legislators and public officials to advocate for issues that affect students in addition to phone banking and holding town halls. We also work intensively with the Organizing Commission to create and carry out comprehensive campaigns for federal, statewide, and local affairs. The Government Relations Commission essentially advocates for students off campus and is the reminder for officials that higher education accessibility and affordability is their priority.

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Government Relations Director: || Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:00-2:00 PM  || Zoom (1:00-1:30PM) Zoom (1:30-2:00PM)

Government Relations Aide: || Office Hours: Mondays 1:00-2:00 PM || Zoom

Local Affairs Coordinator: 

State/Federal Affairs Coordinator: 

Government Relations Director & Aide: 

The Legislative Director is responsible for coordinating with legislative staff members in scheduling and conducting lobby visits with the state legislature, reviewing legislation, and leading the efforts in preparing UCI students to lobby in the annual Student Lobbying Conference and UC Hill Day. This person is informed of the events and actions occurring in the UC Student Association Board of Directors meetings. They work closely with the Organizing Director to carry out joint legislative and organize campaigns under statewide and national affairs. The Legislative Director will work closely with the UC Student Association (UCSA) on policy initiatives regarding our advocacy.

Local Affairs Coordinator:

The Local Legislative Affairs Coordinator will serve to advocate for the student body at the local level. This includes lobbying the Irvine City Council, engaging in community organizations on and off campus, and increasing the transparency between students and the UCI administration. Issues that will be worked on will primarily center around basic needs security, police accountability, and voter engagement. This year, we plan to work side by side with UCI Decide to get students to vote for the Midterm elections in November. As well as, we plan to host or go to town halls in order to get students more involved with the local government here in Irvine. We want also are aiming to visit the representatives that represent our students in district and develop a better relationship or know between them and our students. Long term goal is to get students to grow their knowledge of what the local government can do for them and get them more knowledgeable about what their role is as a citizen is within the local structure.

Policy Coordinator:

The State staff will serve to advocate for the student body at the state level. Advocacy efforts primarily center on our state legislators, UC Office of the President (UCOP), and the UC Regents. We work in partnership with the University of California Student Association (UCSA) who provide support in Sacramento as well as AFSCME (the largest trade union in the US). Legislation supported in the 2017 – 2018 year include helping the undocumented community (SB 54, AB 540), basic needs security (SB 307), and college affordability (AB 1178). State staff also help to prepare students to lobby in Sacramento during UCSA’s Student Lobby Conference (SLC). Time will primarily be spent hosting town halls, phone banking, and participating in lobby visits both in-district and at the state capitol.

Government Relations Director

Nancy Ximena Reynoso (She/Hers)
Hi, everyone. I am super excited to get started and to serve as your Government Relations Director for this year! Some of my priorities for the year are to focus more on the financial budgets going through in regard to higher education and new potential climate plans in Irvine. I also hope to make more resources available to students in regard to federal policies, which sometimes feel very distant to students, and overall increase voter engagement on campus!

Government Relations Aide

Jared Castenada (He/Him)
Hey y’all! I’m excited to be the Government Relations Aide this year. Some of my priorities this year include basic needs advocacy, increasing accountability among our electeds, and addressing inequalities both on and off campus. Through my work this year, I hope to raise awareness on issues that affect the student body and work to uplift our campus community.

Local Affairs Coordinator

Jefferson Wall (he/him)
Hi! My name is Jefferson and I am third year Political Science/Social Policy and Public Service double major. I am very pleased to be the Local Affairs Coordinator this year and your representative with the city council. I am looking forward a great and successful year!

Policy Coordinator

Micaela Carrizo (she/her)
Hi! I'm so excited to be policy coordinator this school year! I'm passionate about advocating for students and the issues they may face such as affordable housing and other basic necessities. I hope to create efficient and meaningful policies for students.