Anteaters in Action Commission

Frances Hernandez

Anteaters in Action Commissioner

Hello, my name is Frances Hernandez and I am going to be this year’s Anteaters in Action (AIA) Commissioner. I am a fourth year double major in Education Sciences and Psychological Science. Last year I was an AIA intern in which I was able to experience a welcoming environment within ASUCI. My main goal is to bring back in-person community service eventsĀ  in order to bridge the gap between the student body, ASUCI, and volunteering. I hope to see individuals create connections with one another and overall build community when they volunteer and/or when they participate in any of our events.

Office Hours: Monday 3-4 pm

Commission Description:

Anteaters in Action is a commission dedicated to proactively giving back to the community by creating service events and opportunities for the student body on and off campus. We aim to promote volunteerism and to increase student involvement with campaigns, projects, and initiatives regarding community service. Additionally, we are dedicated to bringing awareness to community/volunteer based organizations on and off campus.

Commission Goals:

As a commission, we aim to support community based organizations on and off campus and represent the study body. Giving Anteaters the space to bring awareness to a variety of social issues, disparities, etc. within the community helps to vocalize these problems so that we can provide solutions/resources for everyone through volunteering/community service. As a commission, we hope to give that space to Anteaters and the community around us so that they feel supported and overall safe.