Anteaters in Action Commission

Trina Dang

Anteaters in Action Commissioner

Hello babes! My name is Trina Dang and I am currently a second year Public Health Sciences major. Although I have never been a member of ASUCI, I am motivated and eager to build an inclusive community that shares altruistic values and meaningful connections. As the Anteaters in Action Commissioner of the 2023-24 year, I hope to create unique and fulfilling service opportunities for the student body and bring awareness to the social problems in our community. 

Now about me! I love trying out new hobbies like crocheting, making perfumes, and sewing. I love collecting flowers and growing my music taste so I am interested in every music genre. I also enjoy dancing and play multiple instruments like the violin, guitar, and piano. 

Please feel more than welcome to message me about anything you can think of whether it be a recommendation for new music or a show! I look forward to the rest of the year and am honored to bridge the connection between our student body and community.

Office Hours: TBD

Commission Description:

Anteaters in Action is a commission dedicated to creating volunteer events and opportunities for the student body on and off campus. We strive to boost student involvement in community service-related campaigns, projects, and initiatives and altogether, spreading volunteerism values. Moreover, we work towards raising awareness of social issues in the community in hopes of creating community service opportunities and exposing community/volunteer based organizations on and off campus.

Commission Goals:

  • Organize unique, social-like service events on campus
  • Provide service event ideas/opportunities to organizations on campus 
  • Foster an inclusive, altruistic environment securing relations between the student body, ASUCI, and service values