Commuter Student Support Commission

Joanne Dang

Commuter Student Support Commissioner

Hi Anteaters! I’m Joanne, a 4th year Pharmsci and Education double major. I really enjoyed my time here at UCI these past 3 years, and would love to make my 4th year as memorable as possible. I have 6 younger siblings, my boyfriend, a huge family, and so many friends that I love and adore. In my free time, I really enjoy working out, usually back or lower body, playing at volleyball open gyms, going to Disneyland and Universal Studios, and traveling. I have been a commuter all throughout my time here at UCI, and definitely had my fair share of the commuter experience. I will do my best to promote commuter concerns, guide commuters, and plan events so that this could be that remarkable journey for commuters. I am excited to welcome you into the arms of our commuter commission, where inclusivity and fun thrives. I really love meeting new people and making myself approachable so make sure to reach out to me via social media! Instagram: @dangjoanne Tik Tok: @joannedang Linkedin:

Office Hours: Friday 12-1 pm

Commission Description

The Commuter Student Support Commission strives to increase the quality of life for all commuter students by sharing on-campus resources, understanding needs, holding meaningful events, and maintaining an accessible commuter lounge. CSS serves to be the bridge of access for commuter students to reach out to for concerns. By any means possible, our goal is to create a close-knit community of commuters and an enriching college experience for all to look back upon and smile.

Commission Goals 

– Plan events for commuter students during times that best suit their needs

– Survey commuter students to better understand growing issues

– Promote commuter students success and provide resources

– Serve as a liaison between commuter students and Transportation

– Maintain and restock commuter lounge

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