Garden Commission

Michelle Joemon

Garden Commissioner

Hello everyone! My name is Michelle Joemon. My pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am the Garden Commissioner. I am an upcoming second-year, majoring in Biological Sciences. This is my first time working with ASUCI, and I am really grateful to have the opportunity to work with everyone. My main focus will be restoring, maintaining, and expanding the Ants In Your Plants Garden in Arroyo Vista. I am looking forward to the wonderful year ahead of us!

Office Hours: Thursday 4-5 pm

Commission Description:

The Garden Commission’s main mission is to provide healthy and organic food to students on campus through the FRESH Basic Needs Hub. The Garden Commission is mainly focused on the garden in Arroyo Vista, which is run by students throughout the school year. By growing and harvesting produce with students’ help, we can encourage others to learn how to garden as well as be more sustainable. The commission also works closely with other organizations and commissions, such as the Sustainability Commission through ASUCI and the Sustainability Resource Center.


– Invite students to learn more about gardening and sustainability

– Create new projects to expand the garden in Arroyo Vista

– Grow and harvest crops throughout the year to donate to FRESH Basic Needs Hub

– Collaborate with other organizations and commissions for events

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