Recruitment and Retention Commission

Karen Li

Recruitment and Retention Commissioner

Hello there! My name is Karen Li (She/They) and I will be the Recruitment and Retention Commissioner for the 2022-23 academic year. I’m a third year student majoring in Psychological Sciences and minoring in Management. My primary academic interest is in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology, psychology in the workplace/business, which involves recruitment and retention. My hobbies consist of listening to podcasts and casual video gaming.  I’m excited to introduce and spread ASUCI to the general student population and grow our ASUCI family! See you around! :D

Office Hours: Friday 9-10 am

Commission Description:

The Recruitment and Retention (RAR) commission is part of the Office of the Internal Vice President (IVP). We are dedicated leaders of the ASUCI and UCI communities in connecting students and leaders. We are responsible for the ASUCI-related outreach via our quarterly Open House event, where we support students interested in becoming leaders at UCI. We also focus on bringing together ASUCI through our All-ASUCI meetings, social events, and the year-end Banquet! We also ensure the ASUCI community is inclusive, supportive, transparent, and responsible. ASUCI is a space where everyone has a place!


– Introduce ASUCI to new students and spread ASUCI involvement to the general UCI population

– Make sure current members are happy working in ASUCI

– Break the barrier between ASUCI leaders and the general UCI community by ensuring transparency and communication

– Strengthen the bonds and connectedness between all ASUCI branches

– Host all RAR events: Orientation, Tri-weekly meetings, quarterly Open Houses, Year-End Banquet, Social Events, Newsletter, etc.

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