Student Transfer, Engagement, Access, and Mentorship Program (STEAM)

Julio A. Tena

STEAM Commissioner

Hello Anteaters! My name is Julio A. Tena. My pronouns are he/him/his. I will be acting as one of the co-commissioners for the Student Transfer Engagement and Mentorship program. The duties of my role include aiding in the inner-workings of the program. Planning events that can stimulate the experience of transfer students and being an overall resource for transfers to use during their time at UCI. Our goal for this academic year is to build a supportive community for transfers to better integrate into the UCI ecosystem. We hope to begin the STEAM program this year in the best way possible.

Office Hours: Tuesday 10-11 am

Kaitlyn Koo

STEAM Commissioner

Hey, hey! My name is Kaitlyn (pronouns: she/her/hers), and I am serving as one of this year’s commissioners for the STEAM Program. I am a second-year transfer student from the Bay Area, so I’m well versed in boba and transfer shock. I am also a fourth-year Psychology major, and have been involved in STEAM as an intern and mentor. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, so I’d like to foster a tight-knit community within the STEAM commission and program as well. My hope is that our program will encourage personal, professional, and social growth in each of our mentees, mentors, and interns. With this in mind, I am very eager to serve the transfer student community again this year! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, as I’d be very happy to help!

Office Hours: Tuesday 9-10 am

Commission Description: 

The Student Transfer Engagement, Access, and Mentoring (STEAM) commission aims to help the transition of transfer students into a research university through a student-led mentorship program. This is achieved through a series of weekly lessons intended to bolster their knowledge of resources and programs at UCI. We also focus on teaching strategies that can ensure academic success as well as provide a space for mentoring from fellow transfer students. Thus litigating a community that breaks the issue of transfer shock.

During our weekly lessons, both the commission’s interns and the program’s mentors will assist in facilitating workshops and leading discussions surrounding the transfer experience. Classes will be held for an optional 1.3 P/NP units on Thursdays from 4-5:20 PM in both the Fall and Winter Quarter.

Given the circumstances of this year, remote opportunities will be made available so that those who cannot attend in-person may still participate in class sessions and enjoy STEAM events.


– Foster academic success by identifying and solidifying study habits and strategies

– Host weekly guest speakers and student-led workshops to familiarize transfer students w/ UCI’s vast resources and student-involvement opportunities

– Facilitate a safe and supportive environment where mentors and mentees can build a strong community

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