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Item Number: 3 Legislation Number (B: Bill, R: Resolution): R49-03
Author:   Melissa Gamble   Second:  Patrick Chen
Synopsis: Against Janet Napolitano's Appointment as UC President
Date of Presentation: 9/3/2013

WHEREAS former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano was recently appointed as President of the University of California; and

WHEREAS as Secretary of Homeland Security, Napolitano's implementation of US government policies have severely affected undocumented persons and families in the United States, in her administration of government entities that have executed the deportation of over a million undocumented persons and implemented so-called “Secure Communities”; and

WHEREAS Napolitano has no prior experience in directly overseeing an institution of public education; and

WHEREAS the Department of Homeland Security during Napolitano’s tenure presided over the continued militarization of police equipment and tactics; and

WHEREAS UC police departments and other local law enforcement officers have used aggressive suppression against UC [protesters] most notably at UC Berkeley and UC Riverside; and

WHEREAS California was one of the first states to pass the DREAM ACT, which provides financial aid to undocumented students,

WHEREAS due to Napolitano's extensive involvement in the enforcement of immigration policies that have deeply and disastrously affected the welfare of undocumented persons and their families; and

WHEREAS undocumented students and allies have voiced their dissent and demands to the UC Regents, UC Student Association, and other university entities and partners; and

WHEREAS on August 11th, UC students who oppose Napolitano's appointment asked the UC Student Association to take a stance against Napolitano's appointment; and

WHEREAS the UC Student Association decided to postpone taking a stance until each External/Executive Vice President could report back to their AS/GSA and campus; and

WHEREAS UCSA will vote to take a stance on Napolitano’s appointment at the September 7th board meeting at UC Berkeley; and

WHEREAS in addition to taking a stance on Napolitano's appointment, a UC Student coalition has demanded 9 actions for Janet Napolitano to take as stated:

1. Set up a meeting with our coalition, to take place on Wednesday, September 12th at UC Santa Barbara.

2. Hold a meeting with all undocumented students organizations across the UC’s during your campus visits in September to discuss the demands.

3. During your first official UC Regents meeting on September 17th release a statement of support for the Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (AB4), TRUST Act. Make the

TRUST Act an official lobbying item for the University of California Office of the President.

4. Make the University of California a sanctuary for undocumented students. As a sanctuary the


    - Will prohibit the use of UC funds or resources to assist Immigration and Customs             Enforcement with arrests and the gathering or dissemination of information regarding the i             immigration status of an individual in all UC Campuses.

     - Cannot disclose information regarding an individual's immigration status.

     -  Cannot condition services based on an individual’s immigration status.

     - Will prohibit the use of E­verify for UC employees.

     - Will promote the employment of undocumented students on campus by providing them

     with an ID Number that will function as a work permit

5. Mandatory University of California Police Department UndocuAlly training on the rights of

undocumented communities to prevent harassment and criminalization. These trainings will be heldannually and officers will be accountable to the Office of the Chancellor of each respective

campus if they do not follow through with these policies.

6. The Department of Homeland Security’s 287G program must not be implemented on the

University of California property. It should never happen that students get arrested on campus and potentially get deported.The office of the Chancellor of each respective campus should hold UCPD accountableto not comply with 287G.

7. Prohibit the use of Riot police on our Campuses, which includes the use of S.W.A.T. teams and other police departments, to interfere during student acts of civil disobedience, protests, rallies,and sit ins.

8. Implement general education courses on undocumented/immigrant experiences on all campuses

UC wide. Use past courses offered on campuses such as UCLA and UCSB as examples.

9. Hire staff that specializes on Undocumented/AB540 Student Affairs in every UC campus.

      -The undocumented/AB540 staff will help facilitate and lead a formation of a caucus that

      includes students, staff, and faculty, which addresses Undocumented Student Affairs and

      have direct contact with the Chancellors of the UCs.

      - Mandatory UC staff and faculty training on Undocumented/AB540 Student issues.

      -Will ensure the implementation of the California Dream Act at their respective UC


WHEREAS the Legislative Council of ASUCI expresses solidarity with the above demands;

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Associated Students of UC Irvine take formal action today in the form of a Vote of No Confidence in incoming UC President Janet Napolitano; and

LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that ASUCI condemn the appointment of Janet Napolitano to the position of UC President; and

LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that ASUCI urge the UC Student Association to take a stance against her appointment and work together to achieve the aforementioned demands; and

LET IT FINALLY BE RESOLVED that the ASUCI Executive Vice President be tasked with communicating the stance taken by ASUCI to the relevant parties.



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