Digital Arts

Mikiztli OrtizHe/She/They
“Comfortably Numb”

I was listening to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” when I got the concept for this drawing. The song is about loneliness, but includes dialogue between two people, so I related it to the sentiment of being isolated and deprived of social interaction in the current global pandemic.

Raisa MunirShe/Her/Hers
“Club Penguin Public Restroom”
Online Installation
Anybody who knows me knows that I will never stop talking about this. In short, I ran a public bathroom on Club Penguin during the first months of quarantine and it ended up becoming bigger than I expected. An entire community started because of it and it provided laughter and relief to everybody involved during this pandemic.
Nguyen NguyenHe/Him/His
“Sakura Girl”

While I was studying portraits and human heads from reference photos, I thought that I could turn my study into a piece of its own. So, I added my own flair and this is the result.

Ziyu LiShe/Her/Hers
“The Silenced Group – Chinese Transgender Group in A Conservative Society”

This zine is for people unfamiliar with Chinese transgender groups but is interested in getting a closer look at their life and the daily basis discrimination they face. It will also examine the cultural cause that prevents LGBTQ, especially transgender groups, from receiving social acknowledgments.

Allen SisonHe/Him/His
“Nearly There”

This piece happened to coincide with a time of reinventing myself and the transition into Spring. Sprouting from a body of decayed bark is a vibrant tree that’s ready to have a place in a new bright world.

“Larger Than Life”

I imagined a world where beautiful and majestic sights like this are commonplace and one would comment on the extravagant emergence of a giant creature of nature as one would casually comment on the blooming of a simple flower – “Oh, the giants are blooming.” As the end of the pandemic approaches and we finally become free to explore the world, I want to live the life I missed and treat every little thing as a larger-than-life spectacle.