Film & Photo

Roy Petit-frereHe/Him/His
“2020 Fall Exploration”

This series of photos were taking on my attempt to explore the University of California, Irvine campus as a 2020 Fall Semester transfer student from Santa Monica College.

Ziyu LiShe/her/hers
“My 2020 Collection”

These were all the jigsaw and models (not include the anime figures) I assembled in the academic year 2019-2020. 2019 was the year I started studying at UCI. Being stuck at home during quarantine after a quarter, I started doing model assembly as a way to relax and practice mindfulness. I had three house movings within a year, but I always spared a small suitcase for my special collection. Now they locate right next to my study desk. My friend gave me a model as a gift this year, and my collection is looking forward to its little expansion. :D

Quynh Theresa DoShe/her/hers
“The Aprils that Still Haunt”

In my photography called “The Aprils that Still Haunt”, I wanted to capture the trauma that is still caused by the Vietnam War within my family, even years after it has ended. The day I created this piece was on April 30th, which many Vietnamese Americans know as “Black April” or the Fall of Saigon. It was termed “Black April” to represent the darkness and loss that they felt that day. The picture, however, was captured on February 13th, which was the weekend of Lunar New Year. I wanted to highlight how the Vietnamese American identity is deeply rooted in the traditions we carried on immigrating to the U.S. and share this imagery with those who may not be familiar with our culture. The erasure of our unique experiences, history, and culture, therefore, is also an erasure of who we are and the continuation of loss.

Tanya GarciaShe/her/hers
“Art in the Sky”

This piece follows what we perceive as art and how creativity surrounds us. Clouds are a blank canvas that becomes painted with the imagination. I would always watch the clouds on my route to school and image future art works on the clouds as a rough outline in my head. Like one would image ideas in their dreams, I image art in blank spaces and clouds that float over my head.

Jose RamosHe/Him/His
“Groggy Froggy”

Too frequently one finds themselves lost in the chaos of technology, yet one needs only to look around to discover the endless gifts that nature bestows in our world.