Operating in the ASUCI Office of the President under the Basic Needs Commission, our mission is to improve the Financial Wellness of our undergraduate student body and address financial needs from a proactive/preventative and reactive perspective. The Financial Wellness Commission recognizes the systemic and structural barriers to financial literacy and wellness, and believes that every student deserves equitable access to financial literacy education. Therefore, we strive to promote financial wellbeing and bridge the financial literacy gap by making financial support resources more accessible through our services.


We provide one-on-one Peer Financial Coaching sessions on many financial topics such as budgeting, credit, investing, taxes, apartment hunting and more.

We believe in accessibility to resources. That’s why we’ve curated a list of helpful financial resources that can aid your financial wellness only a click away.

Invite us to host workshops on various financial topics for your team, organization, or residence hall. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about our public workshops!







Henry Pham

What’s up Anteaters! My name is Henry Pham (he/him), and I am a rising third-year majoring in Business Administration. As a nontraditional student, I battled the stigma behind a perceived lower education through endeavors that provided equitable access to all regardless of background. As your Financial Wellness Commissioner, I am excited to continue this legacy here at UCI. My aim is to strengthen the financial wellness of our undergraduate student community and combat social stigmas surrounding poverty. Being impoverished is a mindset and not your status. 

Office hours: Wednesdays 5-6pm on Zoom