We, the Senate of the Associated Students of the University of California in Irvine, as advocates for the undergraduate student body, pledge to facilitate interactions among students, faculty, and administration, educate and inform the Anteater community on issues that affect them, and be accountable to our constituency in an effort to enhance the quality of student life at UCI.


Mariam Shenouda
Senate President | Biological Sciences Senator

Nandini Sharma
Senate President Pro-Tempore | Humanities Senator

Cyrus Ghias
Finance Chair | At-Large Senator

Katelyn Diaz
At-Large Senator

[VACANT] At-Large Senator

Frank Granda
Rules Vice Chair | At-Large Senator

[VACANT] At-Large Senator

Laura Yontz
At-Large Senator

[VACANT] At-Large Senator

[VACANT] Arts Senator

Najwa Ellahib
Biological Sciences Senator

Sudaay Chaloo
Finance Vice Chair | Business Senator

Dee Statum
Education Senator

[VACANT] Engineering Senator

Ethan Reynaga
Engineering Senator

[VACANT] ICS Senator

[VACANT] ICS Senator

Jessica Uyehara
Nursing Senator

[VACANT] Pharmaceutical Sciences Senator

Evgeniya Bozhko
Finance Vice Chair | Physical Sciences Senator

Anusha Ghildyal
Public Health Senator

[VACANT] Social Ecology Senator

[VACANT] Social Ecology Senator

Christina Kollias
Social Sciences Senator

Heriberto Mendez
Social Sciences Senator

Rocio Rivera
Social Sciences Senator

[VACANT] First Year Senator

Harshvardhan Rathore
International Senator

Shireen Gavary
Transfer Senator

Ida Ahola
Senate Secretary