The Associated Students of the University of California, Irvine (ASUCI), is the officially recognized undergraduate student government at the University of California, Irvine. In addition to regularly providing resources and student programming through student-run events and conferences, overseeing commercial activities such as discount tickets and the quarterly vendor fair, large scale school-wide events such as Welcome Week, and Summerlands, and student services, the ASUCI advocates for students on a university, local, state, and national level and represents the student body on administrative campus and systemwide committees.


ASUCI is a group of passionate elected and appointed officials, as well as hired commissioners and interns who represent UCI’s large and diverse student population.


 The ASUCI President acts as the chief representative for the association by chairing the Executive Branch of ASUCI and meeting regularly with the UC Irvine Chancellor, Provost, and other campus officials to ensure that UC Irvine students are represented at all levels of campus administration. The Office of the ASUCI President is tasked with connecting the voice of students to our campus leadership, as well as to the advocacy agenda of ASUCI. The ASUCI President sits on several boards and committees with the purpose of ensuring that student perspectives and concerns are represented in the decision-making process by administration on campus. Per the ASUCI Constitution, the ASUCI President is also:

  1. Responsible for issues involving the general welfare of students and administrative planning for the campus;
  2. Serves as a liaison to the campus administration surrounding various functions of campus climate;
  3. Serves as Chief Executive Officer of ASUCI and chair of the Executive Cabinet;
  4. Has co­signature authorization with the External Vice President and Internal Vice President over all budgetary expenditures;
  5. Coordinates office management, ASUCI business operations, and personnel transactions with ASUCI Executive Director; and
  6. Has co­signature authorization on contracts for ASUCI, in conjunction with the Executive Director and in accordance with University Policies and Procedures.

External Vice President (EVP)

 The EVP represents the ASUCI on issues external to the campus and the association- working with Irvine city government, lobbying state officials, and sitting on the University of California Students Association (UCSA) Board of Directors and other Senate-approved external student organizations. The EVP promotes student advocacy on a local, statewide and national level to ensure the affordability, accessibility, and diversity of our university through participation in external partner organizations. Organizing around tuition, worker solidarity, and human rights the EVP advocates and gives resources to students to become student advocates through organizing and lobby trainings, external conferences, and representative and leadership opportunities. The EVP also:

  1. Seeks to promote student advocacy on a statewide, local and national level in order to ensure the affordability, accessibility, quality and diversity of our University;
  2. Has co­signature authorization with the President and Internal Vice President over all budgetary expenditures;
  3. Coordinates all student­initiated voter registration efforts on campus;
  4. Serves as the student liaison to the local government, statewide and nationwide student associations and community; and
  5. Develops and maintains programs relating to the civic enrichment of the undergraduate student body and local community.

Internal Vice President (IVP)

 The IVP serves as the representative of undergraduate students in administrative functions and structures across the campus, these including student health insurance and Anteater Express, among others. In doing so, the IVP manages additional appointed student representatives to ensure the highest quality advocacy regarding campus administrative areas. The IVP also:

  1. Has co­signature authorization with the President and External Vice President over all budgetary expenditures;
  2. Oversees the internal management of ASUCI and campus projects;
  3. Creates and oversees a commission of board representatives, subject to appointment and removal of representatives by the Joint Committee on Student Representatives;
  4. Develops and maintains all administrative services that are overseen by ASUCI; and
  5. Develops and maintains programs relating to the quality of services offered by UC Irvine administration, and which maintains a level of transparency regarding such services.

Academic Affairs Vice President (AAVP)

 The AAVP manages students’ relationship with the academic senate and campus faculty. This includes appointing students to academic senate and other campus committees, as well as regularly meeting with campus officials who oversee undergraduate academic initiatives. The AAVP also:

  1. Strives to cultivate student leadership by raising awareness about the diverse and dynamic academic opportunities on campus, providing avenues of learning outside the classroom and empowering students to be advocates of the academic life here at UC Irvine;
  2. Represents the Associated Students on those matters relating to the educational quality at the University of California, Irvine;
  3. Serves as the ASUCI representative to the Academic Senate;
  4. Create and oversee a commission of Academic Senate representatives, subject to appointment and removal of representatives by the Joint Committee on Student Representatives;
  5. Consults with the Academic Senate officers regarding the appointment of student representatives to the Academic Senate Committees; and
  6. Develops and maintains ASUCI programs relating to the academic enrichment for the undergraduate student body.
  7. Collaborates with the Senate, to foster the development

Student Services Vice President (SSVP)

 The SSVP strives to enhance the undergraduate experience on campus with respect to entertainment and recreational activities, and to promote student spirit throughout campus. They oversee ASUCI performance agreements; and develop and maintain all ASUCI programs relating to entertainment for the undergraduate student body. The SSVP oversees the following ASUCI programs:

  1. Welcome Week
  2. Homecoming Week
  3. Soulstice
  4. Summerlands
  5. Movie screenings
  6. Athletic Rallies

Student Advocate General (SAG)

The Office of the Student Advocate General is committed to providing and ensuring equity and advocacy on behalf of the undergraduate student body here at UCI. The Student Advocate General develops and implements campus climate-based responses and initiatives, on behalf of the varying demographics and intersecting identities of the UCI undergraduate community. The Office collaborates with students and administration in relation to Student Affairs to establish that the student perspective is both present and accurate. This includes spaces that are intended to provide support and reporting services. This Office is designated to serve and represent the undergraduate student body at UCI. Lastly, this Office provides advocacy, education, and community support on behalf of students.

  1. The Office of the Student Advocate General has primary investigative, auditing, and prosecutorial authority for ASUCI.
  2. Under their authority as head of the Office of the Student Advocate General, the Student Advocate General has the power
    1. To present ASUCI’s position to University and campus administration concerning student rights, campus rules, and other areas of student conduct
    2. To impose appropriate structural measures on ASUCI offices such as mandating more training or better record management
    3. To receive, investigate, and address student complaints with regards to ASUCI elections
    4. To review non­-financial instances of nonfeasance, misfeasance, and malfeasance regarding ASUCI elections
    5. To bring reports of nonfeasance, misfeasance, and malfeasance within ASUCI to the Judicial Board


The ASUCI Senate branch is a representative body composed of elected or appointed students from each academic school. These student representatives are elected by the School of Biological Sciences, the School of Social Sciences, the School of Social Ecology, the School of Business, the School of Physical Sciences, the School of Information and Computer Science (ICS), the School of Fine Arts, the School of Engineering, the School of Humanities and the student body At-Large. There are also three (3) Special Interest Senators, who are elected and represent International Students, First-Year Students, and Transfer Students.

Senate is responsible for approving the budget for the fiscal year, approving or rejecting any legislation that is brought to them, approving or rejecting the recommendations for amending the ASUCI Constitution, Senate By-Laws, and the Elections Code. The members are also responsible for meeting with the dean of their respective school at least once per quarter and weekly office hours to address any concerns their constituents may have.

Senate meets regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00pm in Woods Cove BC, Student Center. All meetings are open and every student is strongly encouraged to attend.

Judicial Board

 The Judicial Board is the judicial branch of ASUCI. All judicial authority of ASUCI is vested in the Judicial Board as prescribed by the ASUCI Constitution. The Judicial Board’s authority extends to all judicial cases arising under the ASUCI Constitution; various ASUCI By-laws; all official actions of the Executive Officers, Senate members and ASUCI Commissioners; and any matters delegated to the Judicial Board. The Judicial Board also acts as the board of appeals over complaints regarding decisions of the Election Commission. Additionally, the ASUCI Constitution empowers the Judicial Board to uphold the rights of undergraduate students and campus organizations.